Welcome to Colorado State University! We are so excited that you are here. On this webpage, you will find important information about your Ram Orientation experience.

Please note: the following information about Ram Orientation for International Students is designed for directly admitted, undergraduate students.

  • If you are a graduate student, please contact the Office of International Programs for more information.
  • If you are a Programs for Learning Academic and Community English (PLACE) student, please click here for PLACE information.

Step 1: Online Pre-Orientation and Academic Advising

First, sign up for our online pre-orientation

Starting on April 19th, you will receive a link in you CSU email account inbox directly from us with information on how to access and complete the Online Orientation. During this required online experience, you will learn about our community and our history, discover resources, and prepare for success in and out of the classroom.

You will not have to download any additional software either!

Academic Advising 

Part of the virtual orientation experience is academic advising and course registration. New students will connect with Academic Advisors and register for fall classes. 

The academic advising experience is designed to meet the variety of needs for new students. Upon completing Online Orientation, students will receive instructions on how to schedule their academic advising appointment. The advising appointments will be scheduled for a time when both students and Academic Advisors are available. 

Please note: In order to meet with your academic advisor, you must complete Online Pre-Orientation.

Step 2: Ram Orientation for International Students

Virtual Ram Orientation for International Students will take place after International Student fall move-in the week before classes start in August. During this experience, you will learn about Immigration Information, U.S. Laws and Campus Safety, the CSU Health Network, and more. Attendance is required.

Academic Advising and Course Registration are not a part of your Virtual Ram Orientation for International Students session in August. You must reach out to your academic advisor to schedule your appointment.

Step 3: Ram Welcome

The next part of your orientation experience is to engage in Ram Welcome! All new international students are expected to participate in Ram Welcome.

Build upon your orientation experience and begin your successful adjustment to Colorado State University by exploring academic programs, engaging with faculty and staff, learning about the many services available to support your college experience, becoming part of the CSU campus community, connecting with other new and current students, learning traditions and discovering what it means to be a CSU Ram! The Spring Ram Welcome program is a campus-wide coordinated effort that brings the entire campus community together to welcome new students at the start of each semester.

For more information, please visit http://ramwelcome.colostate.edu/

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Pre-Orientation?

Online Pre-Orientation is the first step of your Virtual Ram Orientation experience. The Online Pre-Orientation system covers information about Colorado State University, our history and traditions, campus resources, academic success, and how our course registration system works. Upon completion of Online Pre-Orientation, you will unlock your academic advisor’s information and will be able to contact them for advising and course registration.

Is Online-Pre-Orientation required? Do I have to complete the entire thing?

Yes! All incoming International Students are required to complete Online Pre-Orientation. Online Pre-Orientation will provide you with information you will need in order to unlock your advisor’s contact information for academic advising and course registration.

How will I access Online Pre-Orientation?

Beginning on April 19th, you will receive an email to your CSU email account with instructions on how to log in and complete Online Pre-Orientation. Before you begin your Online Pre-Orientation experience, you will need to establish an eID if you have not already done so: eid.colostate.edu.

When will I receive the Online Pre-Orientation access email?

All students beginning at CSU in Fall 2021 will receive the Online Pre-Orientation access email on Monday, April 19th. If you register for Ram Orientation after April 19th, you will receive the link to Online Pre-Orientation in your confirmation email once you have completed your registration.

What if I do not have access to a laptop, smart phone, or stable internet?

Contact us for options – orientation@colostate.edu

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the Online Pre-Orientation?

Before you begin your online experience, you will need to establish an eID if you have not already done so: eid.colostate.edu.

Do I have to complete Online Pre-Orientation in one sitting?

No. You can complete Online Pre-Orientation in several sessions, but you must complete it in order to be advised for course registration. Additionally, you must complete one full module at a time to save your progress.

Is Online Pre-Orientation the same for ALL incoming students (first-year, transfer, etc.)?

No. Online Pre-Orientation is geared toward your specific needs as an incoming student. The information is tailored toward you as an international student and is customized with information for your specific academic college.

What do I do once I complete Online Pre-Orientation?

Once you complete Online Pre-Orientation, you will move on to Step 2: Ram Orientation for International Students.

What is the schedule for Ram Orientation for International Students?

The detailed schedule for the program is still being finalized and will be shared as soon as possible.

Does my family participate in Ram Orientation with me?

We have designed a Virtual Orientation experience just for parents, families, and guests. For more information about this, please visit the Families and Guests page on our website.