We have developed a virtual orientation experience specifically for parents, family members, and guests.  This virtual experience will allow them to learn about CSU, get questions answered, and learn about ways to support students in their transition to CSU. 

There are two parts to Parent, Family, and Guest Virtual Orientation: the Online Orientation and a series of webinars.

Please note: The Parent, Family, and Guest virtual orientation experience does not occur during your student’s scheduled orientation. It is for you to complete at a time that is most convenient for you.

Online Orientation

Like your student, you will have access to modules that include campus resources and information specific to family and guests. Your progress in the online orientation system will be saved each time you log in and out of the system. You will have access to this system the entirety of the summer. A Spanish version of this online orientation will be available on June 12th.

To access the online orientation, visit https://online.otp.colostate.edu/?page=guest and create your account.


The next step is to participate in webinars throughout the summer hosted by various campus offices including: Academic Colleges and Departments, Parent and Family Programs, CSU Health Network, CSU Police Department, University Housing, and many more. These webinars will provide you with more information and answer your questions about resources and services at CSU. Webinars will be available during the months of June and July, and you are welcome to participate in as many webinars as you would like this summer. Please do note the frequency and times of the webinars as not all will happen weekly.

For more information about these webinars, visit https://virtualorientation.colostate.edu/webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive a refund for on-campus orientation fees?

Full refunds will be issued for lodging, parking, Ram Connect, aFull refunds will be issued for lodging, parking, Ram Connect, additional meals, and additional housing. We are also excited to offer the Virtual Guest Orientation at no charge. As a result, full refunds for guest fees will be issued as well. We are experiencing a high volume of refunds at the moment. Thank you for you patience as we work on them in the coming weeks.

Is guest orientation on the same day as student orientation?

No. They are separate experiences. You can complete the Parent, Family, and Guest orientation at any time.

What will the guest virtual orientation consist of?

Similar to the student experience, guests will receive a link that grants them access to pre-orientation. Pre-orientation will be specific for guests and will provide information on how to support students during their transition to CSU. Throughout the summer, guests will also have the opportunity to attend webinars with various campus departments.

Are Spanish language sessions still available for virtual guest orientation?

The Virtual Guest Orientation modules will have the option to receive information in Spanish.