General FAQ

What if I don’t have internet access?

Please email our office at to discuss options for completing Virtual Ram Orientation.

Step 1: Online Orientation and Academic Advising

What is Online Orientation?

Online Orientation is the first step of your Virtual Ram Orientation experience. The Online Orientation system covers information about Colorado State University, our history and traditions, campus resources, academic success, and how our course registration system works.

Is Online Orientation required? Do I have to complete the entire thing?

Yes! All incoming First-Year and Transfer Students are required to complete Online Orientation. Online Orientation will provide you with information you will need in order to participate in advising and course registration.

How will I access Online Orientation?

Beginning on November 16th, you will receive an email to your CSU email account with instructions on how to log in and complete Online Orientation.

Before you begin your Online Orientation experience, you will need to establish an eID if you have not already done so ( 

When will I receive the Online Orientation access email?

All students beginning at CSU in Spring 2021 will receive the Online Orientation access email on Monday, November 16th. If you register for Ram Orientation after November 16th, you will receive the link to Online Orientation in your confirmation email once you have completed your registration.

What if I do not have access to a laptop, smart phone, or stable internet?

Contact us for options –

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the Online Orientation?

Before you begin your online experience, you will need to establish an eID if you have not already done so ( 

Do I have to complete Online Orientation in one sitting?

No. You can complete Online Orientation in several sessions, but you must complete it 1 week before your scheduled advising session.

Is Online Orientation the same for ALL incoming students (first-year, transfer, etc.)?

Online Orientation is geared toward your specific needs as an incoming student. The information is tailored toward you as either a first-year or transfer student and is customized with information for your specific academic college.

What do I do once I complete Online Orientation?

At the end of your Online Orientation, you will receive contact information for your academic advisor to set up an advising appointment. After you will move on to Step 2: Online Live Ram Orientation.

Step 2: Online Live Ram Orientation Session

Does it matter what day I sign up to attend Online Live Ram Orientation?

No. You can pick either December 10 or 11. There will be customized programming each day for transfer, first-year, adult learner and veteran students. Please sign up for the day that best fits your schedule.     

What is the schedule for Online Live Ram Orientation?

You will need to be available from 9:00 am-11:30am MDT to participate in Online Live Ram Orientation. The detailed schedule is still being finalized and will be shared as soon as possible. 

If I completed Online Orientation, do I still have to participate in Online Live Ram Orientation?

No. Online Live Ram Orientation is an optional experience for new students who want an opportunity to connect with current students, learn more about CSU and ask questions about life on campus at CSU. 

Does my family participate in my Online Live Ram Orientation with me?

Yes, there will be a separate track for families and guests. Your guest can register for either the December 10 or 11 session. 

Families and Guests

Will there be a charge for family and guest orientation?

No, there will not be a charge for online family and guest orientation.  

Are Spanish language sessions still available for virtual guest orientation?

The online orientation modules for Families and Guest will have the option to receive information in Spanish. Currently we are not offering Spanish language sessions for Online Live Ram Orientation.