All incoming students are expected to learn about the placement procedures for Mathematics, Composition, Chemistry, and Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish) classes prior to attending their Ram Orientation session. CSU placement procedures are designed to place students into courses consistent with their preparation; they are not a condition for admission to Colorado State University.  However, if you have not completed the appropriate placement procedures before meeting with your Ram Orientation advisor, you may be unable to register for the appropriate classes in a timely manner.

There are charges for placement procedures.  These charges are not included in the orientation program charge. Charges are automatically assessed to the student’s account with the University.

Please use the links and contact information below for general information about placement procedures for Mathematics, Composition, Chemistry, and Foreign Languages.

Mathematics Placement

Please visit the Department of Mathematics’ website for information concerning Mathematics Placement:

Confused about whether or not you need to go through the Math Placement Process? Visit for help. Also check out the math requirements for each major as shown on that website.

Should you have additional questions concerning math placement, you may contact the Precalculus Center (Weber 137; 970-491-5761) or send a detailed email to  Please be sure to include your full name and CSU ID in any email correspondence.

Composition Placement

Gather your SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE test scores, and visit the CSU Composition Placement Program website at  There you will find information about whether you should enroll in CO150: College Composition, complete the Directed Self-Placement Survey, enroll in CO130: Academic Writing, or write the Composition Placement Challenge and Re-evaluation Essay.

Chem Prep

Complete Chem Prep if your program of interest requires CHEM 111 (General Chemistry).  Please visit the Chemistry Department’s website for information on those programs of study and to access Chem Prep:

Chem Prep completion is required for CHEM 111 registration.  Completion prior to Orientation is strongly recommended so that you can complete your fall schedule at Orientation. 

Should you have additional questions concerning Chem Prep, contact Carlos Olivo-Delgado (  Please include your full name and CSU ID in your email.

Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German)

Students who plan to enroll in a Spanish course must take the placement test IF they have experience in the language–or if they transfer in foreign language “wildcards” (L 1**, L 2**, etc.). Please consider taking the Foreign Language Placement Exam if you have prior experience in French or German or if you have transfer credit that doesn’t exactly match CSU course numbers. For more information, please visit

Need accommodations for completing the Placement Processes?

The Student Disability Center (SDC) can offer prospective and newly admitted students accommodations throughout the orientation process. They can provided additional time on exams, accessible format exams, and more – you just need to connect with the Student Disability Center before you take their exam or after you have taken their first exam and realize they need the support. All you need to do is contact or 970-491-6385 and the SDC is happy to meet with you (with or without documentation!).