Your first step is to register for your Virtual Ram Orientation experience by visiting .

The dates for First-Year, Transfer, and Guest Virtual Ram Orientation are below. When selecting a session, please be cognizant of the days and times and ensure that you are able to be available for the entirety of the times listed. Additionally, you will need to think about choosing a time when you will have computer and internet access. If you will not have computer and/or internet access for any of the dates/times below, please reach out to our office to discuss options:

You may also download the dates in PDF format by clicking the appropriate link here:

First-Year Virtual Ram Orientation Dates

1Monday, June 79:00am-5:00pm MDT
2Tuesday, June 89:00am-5:00pm MDT
3Wednesday, June 99:00am-5:00pm MDT
4Thursday, June 109:00am-5:00pm MDT
5Monday, June 149:00am-5:00pm MDT
6Tuesday, June 159:00am-5:00pm MDT
7Wednesday, June 169:00am-5:00pm MDT
8Thursday, June 179:00am-5:00pm MDT
9Monday, June 219:00am-5:00pm MDT
10Tuesday, June 229:00am-5:00pm MDT
11Wednesday, June 239:00am-5:00pm MDT
12Thursday, June 249:00am-5:00pm MDT
13Monday, June 289:00am-5:00pm MDT
14Tuesday, June 299:00am-5:00pm MDT
15Wednesday, June 309:00am-5:00pm MDT
16Wednesday, July 79:00am-5:00pm MDT
17Thursday, July 89:00am-5:00pm MDT
18Monday, July 129:00am-5:00pm MDT
19Tuesday, July 139:00am-5:00pm MDT
20Wednesday, July 149:00am-5:00pm MDT

Transfer Virtual Orientation Dates

1Friday, May 289:00am-12:00pm MDT
2Friday. June 49:00am-12:00pm MDT
3Friday, June 119:00am-12:00pm MDT
4Friday, June 189:00am-12:00pm MDT
5Friday, June 259:00am-12:00pm MDT
6Friday. July 99:00am-12:00pm MDT
7Thursday, July 159:00am-12:00pm MDT

Guest Virtual Orientation Dates

1Tuesday, June 89:00am-12:30pm MDT 
2Wednesday, June 91:00-4:30pm MDT 
3Tuesday, June 151:00-4:30pm MDT 
4Wednesday, June 169:00am-12:30pm MDT 
5Tuesday, June 229:00am-12:30pm MDT 
6Wednesday, June 231:00-4:30pm MDT 
7Tuesday, June 291:00-4:30pm MDT 
8Wednesday, June 309:00am-12:30pm MDT 
9Wednesday, July 79:00am-12:30pm MDT 
10Tuesday, July 131:00-4:30pm MDT 
11Wednesday, July 149:00am-12:30pm MDT